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Drummer Mag December 2003
“Saying that Dominique is one of the World's best bassists is like saying that butter makes you fat..”
Guitare & Bass Febrery 1996
“..I admire him very much for his convictions...that you have to... He is one of the world's greatest bassists.” John McLaughlin
Jacques Panisset - Grenoble jazz Festival
“If is made a list of the best bass players in the world, and that they limit themselves in fingers of the hand, he is above…”
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Bass Guitar Magazine
About cd " Que Allegria

“Que Allegria” allows us to renew with the fantastic french bassit Dominique Di Piazza and the percussionist Trilok Gurtu whose the panegyric... One can admire the quality of its ensemble, the balance of parts and the beauty of the compositions. A composition that is close to chamber music. This album is an indispensible testimony of one of the key fomations of the early 90's
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Bass Guitar Magazine April 1992
“A part of the John McLaughlin trio, Dominique Di Piazza is one of the best french bassists if only for his very unorthodox right hand technique”
CD review - All about Jazz
About the album “Spiritual Hymns
“ sounds like Dominique and Bireli went into the studio to record some spiritual music, but Dominique is the only person on the disc !!” (Phil DiPietro - All about Jazz)
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Issoudun Guitar Festival 2004
“Dominique Di Piazza, bass player born in Lyon, France, with energy sprung from his gypsy origins, gives us an ecstatic hour of bass like one rarely hears. His uncomparable technique, spirited with humour and sincerety will leave you flying high !!
This guy, companion of John MacLaughin, soars with the greatest of the moment, and with just a little listening you'll understand why. Don't try to do the same at home, you might hurt yourself !!!
Without a minute to rest, house packed and audience already won, DDP gives us his all, with humour and good advice, useful for all levels. Inspiring, fun, and invigorating...”
(Jean-Louis Biogeaud - La
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