Guide looked for by the biggest and with fabulous virtuosity which characterizes him, Dominique Di Piazza is also an outstanding teacher, with a communicative energy without limit. Since a number of years, he has taught bass mastery and improvisation techniques in numerous schools in France as well as internationally.
Order of events :
  • Demontrations and discussions on presented topics
  • Examination and formation into groups of 3 or 4 according to skill level
  • Workshops within different groups
  • Solo concert

For any other inquiries about coast and scheduling : contact Dominique
Lessons :

The European Real Book

Transcription of "Living Hope" composition of Dominique Di Piazza selected among the biggest compositions of jazz in Europe !
  Concepts for bass soloing

Collection of soloing of the biggest names of the bass. Recognized for his high qualities in improvisation, Dominique Di Piazza is classified among the best !
Besides the master class which he animates regularly, Dominique also gives private lessons at home, in the South of France or in Paris. For more information do not hesitate to contact him
“Dominique Di Piazza method of right hand technique”
Worked out for the POCKET PICKER, a progressive and evolutionary method in tablatures, Dominique Di Piazza proposer of many targeted exercises, also based on the concept of the enhanced difficulty, which will guide you straight to right hand freedom.

“When I started to play bass, I used the index and middle finger of the right hand, using the technique that was practiced by all bass players. This technique with only two fingers, quickly appeared to me insufficient for playing faster, play chords or simply to express my music. I developed then a technique using four fingers; thumb, index, middle finger & ring finger...”

Demo video
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You will find Pocket Picker
in the "Equipment" page
Download tablatures
15 pages of exercises - 9 €

Here are some tips from his lessons :
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Advice N° 3
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