New Dominique Di Piazza Signature Bass

This instrument was conceived to satisfy all the instrumental requirements of Dominique Di Piazza. Being very light, it is equipted with the “Di PIAZZA Fretless Bridge” that can also render an extraordinary accoustic sound just like the “Fretless” Bass. This instrument is individually hand crafted, exclusively by luthier Mike Sabre
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“Fretless Bridge” Dominique Di Piazza model signature for 4 & 5 strings
Worked out on a concept of Dominique Di PIAZZA in collaboration with the Luthier Mike SABRE, the “Dominique Di PIAZZA FRETLESS BRIDGE” gives an extraordinary accoustic sound just like the Fretless Bass.
“Pocket Picker” Dominique Di Piazza for 4 & 5 strings
The POCKET PICKER is an incredible tool that I have adopted, and I now bring it to every gig...I found it to be very useful. I use it while I'm traveling gig to gig by train or car (of course that's when I'm not driving myself), and I can go directly to the sound check and have a great sensation of fitness when I pick up my bass. It also works well when you can't have your instrument with you right before going on stage. Honestly, since I have been using it, I have improved my right hand technique and discovered new patterns that I later reproduced on the bass. I recommend it highly, especially to work on techniques that have a lot to do with “string crossing”.

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and in addition
“Dominique Di Piazza method of right hand technique”
Worked out for the POCKET PICKER, a progressive and evolutionary method in tablatures, Dominique Di Piazza proposer of many targeted exercises, also based on the concept of the enhanced difficulty, which will guide you straight to right hand freedom.

“When I started to play bass, I used the index and middle finger of the right hand, using the technique that was practiced by all bass players. This technique with only two fingers, quickly appeared to me insufficient for playing faster, play chords or simply to express my music. I developed then a technique using four fingers; thumb, index, middle finger & ring finger...”
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15 pages of exercises - 9 €

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